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Barker Metalcraft has been manufacturing quality custom radiator covers and grille covers for over 30 years.  We use only the best materials to make our quality products.  For example, for our radiator covers and radiator enclosureswe use 16 gauge steel for the tops, and 20-gauge for the main body.  And we incorporate reflective backs to maximize the heat flow from your radiator enclosures.  It costs us more money to do things this way, but it saves you money in the long run in heat efficiency (and you know how high heating costs have been the past few years!)  


You will also be happier with the final product, which will beautify your home, and last a long time, unlike cheaper radiator covers that easily dent, sound "tinny" and look bad after a year-or-so of use. 

If you have an unsightly radiator or vent, we can design a cover that will blend in with the décor of your home or business.  And well-made radiator covers and radiator enclosures will protect your drapes, fabrics and walls.

In addition to private homes we also work on larger commercial projects.  A list of our customers includes Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, The V.A. Medical Center, and the Children's Memorial Hospital.  We can do projects on-site or, if you're outside the Chicago area, we can design and ship your radiator covers or grilles anywhere in the country!

At Barker we stand by our work so you can buy with confidence.  We invite you to look through our Web site for samples of our creations and a list of satisfied customers.

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Tel: 1-800-397-0129

Fax: 1-773-588-9309

Open Monday to Friday 8:30am-4:30pm

2951-55 N. California

Chicago, IL 60618

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