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Perforated Metal Styles

Wall Grilles:Floor Grilles (Edited).jpg

Barker Metalcraft stocks a wide variety of perforation patterns that will help accent with your project with a unique, polished look. We can use these designs in our fabrication process to solves solve a host of problems in restoration, renovation, and new construction.

Any Size

We'll cut to your exact measurements with no waste and no need to change your project to fit stock sizing. All Barker Metalcraft products, from wall grilles to radiator covers, are custom built to your specifications.

Many Styles

Barker grilles can be ordered in several variations:

Flat Grilles

Flat Grilles with a 1" Border

Drop-In Grilles for Walls

Drop-In Grilles for Floors

Overfit Grilles

Many Finishes and Colors

Barker offers nine grille patterns, several enamel or powdercoated finishes. 

Call or email us for prices!

Available Grille Styles

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