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Custom Radiator Covers

Rich Carpet Radiator Cover - Edited - IMG_6368.png

Beautify Your Space

Barker Metalcraft Custom Radiator Covers will help hide unsightly radiators no matter how large or small. We build our covers to fit your space and our selection of grille designs and colors help add a personal touch to these pieces. 

Strong and Durable

Barker Metalcraft custom steel radiator covers are made of heavy gauge furniture steel - 16 gauge on top, 20 gauge on the body. They can support the weight of several adults as well as kids, pets, plants, and other decorative finishings. Our larger covers are doubly reinforced so there are no weak spots in our covers. We also offer additional durability options for what we call "high-traffic, high-abuse" areas such as schools, building lobbies, and care centers. 

Radiator Cover - School_Gym - After - IMG_6906_20210211.jpeg
Dual LIving Room Radiator Covers - IMG_6255.png

Safe for the Whole Family

As you may know, radiators can get extremely hot. Our custom-made radiator covers will help protect you and your loved ones from burns and injury. Additionally, our grille designs are finger-proof and pencil-proof, preventing both small items and curious children from accessing potentially harmful radiators.

Our Custom Radiator Covers Can Transform Any Space

From homes to schools to health care facilities to offices, Barker Metalcraft custom radiator covers help improve airflow, protect occupants, and beautify spaces. Call us today to see our wide selection of grille designs and colors!

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