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Radiator Covers

Barker Metalcraft Custom Radiator Covers will help hide ugly radiators no matter how large or small.  Our covers are made of heavy gauge furniture steel - 16 gauge on top, 20 gauge on the body - and fully custom-made to your size. They have galvanized, reflective backs to use available heat more efficiently. Our covers all feature a removable shoebox lid in case access is needed to the radiator. Covers are shipped fully assembled. We accept Visa and MasterCard.  Please allow two to three weeks for delivery.

Barker Metalcraft Custom Radiator Covers

  • Beautify your home

  • Protect your drapes, fabrics and walls

  • Protect radiators from damage

  • Protect children and pets from hot radiators

  • Increase heat efficiency

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding radiator covers:


Q: I’ve heard that radiator covers hold back heat. Is that true?

A: No. In most situations, a properly designed radiator cover will actually improve the heat flow of a radiator. The University of Illinois conducted a study indicating that with a properly built radiator cover, the heat is directed out through the front – actually increasing the temperature in what they call the “living zone” (or lower part of your room) by about four and a half degrees.

Q: So then what is a “properly designed” radiator cover?

A: An effective radiator cover should have a reflective back to project the heat foreword, into the room. All Barker Metalcraft radiator covers include reflective backs at no extra charge.

Q: I have a long, low radiator that is set under a picture window.  Will I be able to use your cover as a window seat?

A: Absolutely. Although our radiator covers are designed to be lightweight for ease of installation and removal, strength is a major design factor. All covers over 40″ in length are reinforced in the front as well as the top, so that a cover that is 75″ in length can easily and safely hold up to three average-sized adults.

Sample Radiator Covers

Before & After

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